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A visual of the things I love, the contradictions I balance, what I want and what I want to become, this is a an outer reflection of an inner me.


The Lost Boy - Male Photography
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SEXY, LARGE and IN CHARGE. Alpha Muscle Hunks.

Sacred Water Lotus - Nelumbo nucifera
Nelumbo nucifera (Proteales - Nelumbonaceae), is an aquatic perennial native to Asia (Iran to Japan), and northern Australia. It is commonly called The Sacred Water Lotus, in reference to the sacred and symbolic status the flower holds in Buddhism and Hinduism.
This plant is a large-flowered lotus that typically grows 3-6’ tall in shallow water and spreads by thickened rhizomes rooted in the mud. Its flowers are large, cupped, fragrant, and pink or white in color. Each flower blooms for about three days, opening in the morning and closing at night each day. Flowers are followed by nut-like fruits that are imbedded in the flat surface of a receptacle. The rhizomes, leaves and seeds of lotus are edible and are sometimes used in Asian cooking; they are also used in traditional medicine.
Other common names: Indian Lotus, Sacred lotus.
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Photo credit: ©Nobuhiro Suhara | Locality: Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan (2014)

Joshua Eady by Gavin Kleinschmidt

Green Lagoon on Canary Islands

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The Burning Bush